The Midnight Library By Matt Haig.. My Thoughts & Reviews

By Matt Haig

A Therapist has personally recommend this book for the patients with first sign of Depression
(DM me for name of the therapist)
When I was searching whether anyone thought about the metaphor I found in the book I found that review of the therapist.

If you have lost hope in your life and are looking for redemption, revival …
If you think you might have depression
Then look no forward
Just go for it..
A book which gives you advise about getting out of depression has to first explain the depression which is felt by the protagonist
And that’s what is shown here in this book
Only after knowing the extent of depression we can go further and understand how to get over it.

But still
Trigger warning : Depression, attempt to Suicide (in the beginning)
And recovering from it in later parts
It has been expressed in wonderful manner with a brilliant metaphor ..

The metaphor is the library and books
When the libraria says
” You are the library”
This is the last place in the book where you would be sure about the metaphor … although it’s there since the beginning of the book
This midnight library is the metaphor for our real library the quotes like :
“Between life and death there is a library, and within that library, the shelves go on forever. Every book provides a chance to try another life. To see how things would be different if you had made other choices …would you have done anything different, if you has chance to undo your regrets..?”
So you think this is just for the books in the library.
This is actually for the books in our world too..

In real life we have library in between us with unlimited shelves and unlimited books.
With every book we read we live another life.
We experience the other life which we had dreamt some day.
She saw her other lives though her and we have that opportunity to look through others..

I think what he wants to say is
When you feel depressed in this life go to the library and read a book and escape.
You will see things differently and maybe even forgot the depression and come out with renewed energy to live your current life.
That’s what happend with her right.
We all already read lots of books but somewhere around we just read it as it is..
While reading about black people if we thought of us in their place then definitely we would see that our current life ia better and will definitely feel greateful for whatever limited challenges we have (as compared to BL)
But most of us are still depressed
It is coz we are not learning from the books, not understanding what we should from the books
(Its same for everyone including me)
And The Midnight Library is a metaphor to that .
To make us understand that we can understand other lives through books and realize how our life is better ..
This book shows how to analyse your current life after each book you read.
The book is full of different metaphors for our life they way we should live…

You know when I started the book I didn’t know it was sci-fi.
Till you reach half of the book it isn’t even mentioned.
And when they explanation came I was so satisfied .
It didn’t feel magical anymore.
It felt real coz you know science is real.
The hope that depressed person needs was all here.
The explanation given here is my favourite part
I have read it so many times and I love that part so much ..that just for it I thought of giving this book one more star
So 6 stars our of 5 ❤️❤️
It’s well deserved
Don’t tell me otherwise 
(All above I wrote when I was halfway through the book)

After the end I would just like to add
That end was brilliant and
The end itself was what the author wanted to tell us.
That was the message to be conveyed.
many people said that end was ok or predictable but this is the best end we could have got. This is what a person with mental health needs to the understand.. The end was 🙌

Spoiler Ahead (it’s just explanation to some reviews which said what they didn’t like in the book)

You might have thought ‘why is she still not happy in those lives even though she is so successful ?’

Then you forgot that she was taking anti-depressants. Which actually means she was not happy with her life and there were some kind of issues she was facing. In just few minutes or few hours you can’t say “everything is good” also anti-depressants were the sign that things weren’t so good in those lives. Those lives were definitely not good she was troubled there even after being successful. There was some or the other issues and that’s the reason he left those lives so soon.

You are also forgetting that those lives were not her life..

The first one was living in the Town and opening a bar was her ex-boyfriend’s dream.

Being a swimmer was her father’s dream.

Being in a band was her Brother’s dream.

You will ask why was she trying to live their dream. Coz she felt somewhere that she let them down by choosing her way. She thought her relationships with them would be better if she chooses their dream. So here by living them she realized that even if she followed their dreams she would not be happy and would be taking anti-depressants. And definitely her life didn’t get better

I saw many people say that this book is Magical Realism but it is not a magical realism. If after reading a book you couldn’t know that then atleast a small Google search would have made it clear.

It is clearly mentioned in the book that each of the possible life is available in this universe and you have to choose one. You will find a Parallel Universe here. Though parallel universe was not mentioned in detailed because the main theme of the the book was the Mental health awareness. And Parallel Universe is the answer to explain how she is able to see other lives.

In one review I read that they felt they were stereotyping things when they showed that she was happy with her life only when she got the family. According to them her nor being happy when she was gold medalist and being happy when she had family was stereotyping things. I don’t understand why is it wrong for a women to want family these days. And it wasn’t like she was just housewife infact she had her own life and she gave up that job to write her book what can be better than that. Telling people to go behind your dreams is the best thing. And along with it if she wanted a family the. What’s wrong with that.. can’t successful women want happy family. The important thing here was that she wasn’t taking anti-depressants. But in the end she was not happy here too when she realized that her wanting some other lives means she was spoiling someone else’s life..

I guess that’s all I want to say. Also here are few quotes from the book which are really brilliant

Quotes from The Midnight Library

If you aim to be something you are not, you will always fail. Aim to be you. Aim to look and act and think like you. Aim to be the truest version of you. Embrace that you-ness. Endorse it. Love it. Work hard at it. And don’t give a second thought when people mock it or ridicule it. Most gossip is envy in disguise.

The only way to learn is to live.

We only need to be one person.

We only need to feel one existence.

We don’t have to do everything in order to be everything, because we are already infinite. While we are alive we always contain a future of multifarious possibility

As Thoreau wrote, ‘It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.

There are many more such quotes I will suggest go and read the book and I’d you are someone who highlights your book then you will have almost whole book coloured 😀

Thank you for reading ❤️

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